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Greece's First Luxury Mastiha Spirit

Your Greek
vacation in a glass

KLEOS Mastiha Spirit is a premium liqueur made with mastiha, an ancient Greek superfood found only in Chios. Learn more about what VOGUE called "the latest must-try cocktail ingredient"

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KLEOS Mastiha Spirit

700 ML - 30% ALC.



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About Our Spirit

KLEOS Mastiha Spirit is made by arguably Greece's best craft distillery, Isidoros Arvantis, on the island of Lesvos. It's made in small batches with PDO mastiha, a sap from a tree indigenous to the Greek island of Chios.

Tasting notes & Versatility

KLEOS Mastiha Spirit, with its floral Bouquet, aromas of eucalyptus, tasting notes of cucumber, mint, and sweet tea, and undeniable freshness prompted the quote: “I feel like I’m drinking a spa.”

At only 110 cals, 4g in 2 full ounces, KLEOS Mastiha Spirit is balanced enough to be consumed neat, on the rocks with a wedge of lemon. Because it is lower in sugar, it can also be used as a base in low-abv cocktails and spritzes!

Called “bartender’s olive oil” by the press, it is an essential liqueur that makes your cocktails better. KLEOS Mastiha spirit mixes 1:1 with virtually every spirit on your back bar, and a myriad of Fruits, herbs, and spices.

The difference is crystal Kleos…


Featured Press

"Slightly sweet with intesnse mastiha flavour. Superbly clean with minty freshness. All the clean intense mastiha flavour of the best competitors, but with a mellow palate that makes other mastiha appear harsh."


Highest rating given to any spirit

"This clear spirit offers a slight floral aroma tinged with pine. The full bodied palate is distinctly sweet, opening with vanilla sugar... layered with mouth watering cucumber. The bottle is covered with cocktail recipes."



Signature cocktails

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